What is Free Fire 360° Gloo wall trick? Complete guide for beginners

Free Fire is one of the popular battle royale games on the mobile platform. The game provides many in-game components that you can use for defense. As the game passes, the gaming becomes very complex. Users are caught in the crossfire in the open fire. There is a multitude of factors that have an impact on the performance of individuals. In that case, Free Fire 360 degree gloo wall proves to be great. Here’s a guide on the 360-degree gloo wall trick.

The Free Fire 360° Gloo Wall trick is quite tough to learn but very useful when mastered. Usually, people only use a single Gloo Wall to block attacks from one direction, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks from other angles. The trick deals with that issue by allowing you to create a circle of walls to hunker down in the middle of a crossfire.

What is Free Fire 360° gloo wall trick?

The gloo wall is regarded as one of the most essential utilities in Free Fire because it can provide players with immediate cover.

In the 360° gloo wall trick, the primary intention is to quickly surround themselves with gloo walls. It can help gamers in various situations, such as reviving their teammates or evading foes. But it is a temporary cover. To get this, gamers need at least three or four grenades.

How to perform the 360° Gloo Wall trick?

Placing 360° Gloo Wall requires you to look around while holding the Gloo Wall button. At the same time, they must position the grenade close to them while simultaneously aiming at the ground.

Furthermore, the trick also requires you to have more than a few Gloo Wall grenades, obviously. Check out the below guide for an example of the flawless execution of the 360° Gloo Wall trick.

To perform the 360° Gloo Wall trick reliably, players need to follow these crucial tips:

Medium to High Sensitivity

It is recommended that players play the game at medium or high General sensitivity. With the settings at a high value, they will be able to move their screens at a much faster rate compared to normal.


Try to aim as close to your location as possible to avoid missing your shot.


It is recommended that users spend some time on the training island honing their Gloo Wall skills first before going ahead and playing ranked matches.

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