What Is Mary Cosby’s Net Worth? She Runs Her Grandmother’s Church


One of the most memorable cast members on Bravo’s newest Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, is Mary Cosby. She runs a Utah congregation that was left behind by her late grandmother, Rosemary Cosby. But, that’s not the only thing that Mary inherited from her grandma.

Upon the news of her casting, Mary made headlines because she is married to Robert Cosby Sr. — who was previously her step-grandfather.

While the reality star has been candid about her hesitation to marry her deceased grandmother’s husband, she has been fairly tight-lipped about other aspects of her life, including her net worth.

What is Mary Cosby’s net worth?

While Jen Shah’s “Shah Ski Chalet” immediately impressed in the first episode when she hosted a lavish party, Mary’s own home is sprawling as well. It features an intercom system that she uses to call her housekeeper/relative, Charlinda, and a walk-in closet to hold all of Mary’s designer clothing.

Aside from the unique way in which she met her husband, Mary is also known for talking about when she’s wearing couture clothes. This has led many viewers to wonder how much money the first lady of a church makes. But, there’s much more to Mary’s empire than she has shown on RHOSLC so far.  

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In addition to her home, Mary’s assets include the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church (she is the first lady there), restaurants, hair salons, and several properties. She inherited these businesses and the properties from her late grandmother.

According to what Mary has said on the Bravo series, her grandmother mandated in her will that Mary would get married to Robert Cosby Sr. She claimed that, by doing so, she would also be able to inherit the church that Rosemary founded.

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Robert Sr. and Rosemary wed in 1975, when Robert was 22 years old. Rosemary was 20 years his senior. Mary and Robert Sr. got married in 1998, and they welcomed a son, Robert Jr., a few years later. Rosemary passed away from a heart attack in 1997, leaving her husband of several years a widower. 

She and Robert Sr. reportedly spent around a decade in court fighting Mary’s own mother over the church and Rosemary’s other assets.

Evidently, the court sided with Rosemary’s late husband, and Mary was able to inherit the assets when she married Robert Sr.

Aside from Rosemary’s empire, Mary also has a link in her Instagram bio to the Marimarta Perfumeria. It’s unclear what exactly her role is in the company. Mary reportedly has a net worth between $3 and $5 million dollars. 

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