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If there’s one area Netflix sorely lacks in with its original programming, it’s getting new seasons out before fans forget everything that happened in the preceding set of episodes. For some fans, that happened with shows like Orange Is the New Black. And for others, it happened with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which had such jam-packed seasons that remembering everything that went down meant needing a recap every time.

If you find yourself struggling to remember what happened in the first three seasons ahead of the fourth and final, then you probably aren’t alone. Because Netflix releases some seasons of original shows with long spans of time in between them, there’s a lot to unpack and remember about the first three seasons, or parts, of this version of Sabrina. Luckily, this recap is here to guide you along.

Season 1 of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ explored Sabrina’s struggle with living in two worlds.

In the first part of the series, or Season 1, Sabrina grappled with the idea of signing the Book of the Devil and pledging herself to the Dark Lord versus remaining a mostly normal teenager with standard witch powers. In the end, she decided to sign the book in her blood, thereby gaining powers to banish a group of ghostly witches from the town, but also changing in the process.

She changed from a student who was reluctant to go to the Hogwarts of Greendale, otherwise known as the Academy of the Unseen Arts, to someone ready to harness her powers and live in both of the worlds she had struggled to coexist in. She also revealed her powers to her friends, which was a pleasant surprise and welcome change from the typical trope of the protagonist keeping such a big thing a secret from those closest to her.

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Sabrina and Harvey called it quits during the season after he learned of her powers and failed attempt to bring his brother back from the dead. And, at the end, Sabrina saw the romantic connection between Harvey and her best friend, Ros. But Sabrina also seemed to begin to lean more heavily into the darkness inside of her and the possibility of a genuine romance with fellow Academy of the Unseen Arts student Nick Scratch.

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But Season 2 involved another fight of good and evil, including Sabrina’s link to Hell.

The season started off with Sabrina finally deciding to commit herself to the academy while leaving Baxter High behind her, at least for the time being. And while Sabrina was working on proving herself at the Academy of the Unseen Arts, back at Baxter High, her friends had their own storylines to work through.

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Susie revealed that she identifies as male and changed her name to Theo. Ros and Harvey eventually linked up after Ros had a vision of the two of them together. And Miss Wardwell, who is still Madam Satan in disguise, was made the principal, granting her more power. Back at the academy, Sabrina’s devotion to the Dark Lord was tested and proven to be legitimate while she got closer to Nick.

Aunt Zelda and Blackwood also became official, making Season 2 basically the season of love. But it wasn’t all rainbows and new love for everyone, as Ambrose was eventually locked up for attempting to kill Blackwood at his wedding and Sabrina and Nick were expelled from the academy for trying to sabotage the ceremony themselves.

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Later, while Blackwood and Zelda were away on their honeymoon, witch hunters attempted to kill the witches at the academy, including Ambrose, who managed to escape from the cellar where he had been locked up for his crime. Sabrina showed up and, although she was killed by the hunters, she was brought back by the Dark Lord and set them on fire.

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When Blackwood and Zelda returned from their honeymoon, Zelda was under an enchantment spell to obey him. After Sabrina and Aunt Hilda removed the spell, they managed to run Blackwood out of town, but not before he poisoned most of the students at the academy and found his twin infants to take with him. The Dark Lord returned to Greendale to reveal he was Sabrina’s father and his plans to have her rule Hell for him.

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In order to stop his plan, Sabrina and her friends tricked the Dark Lord into thinking she was going through with the coronation, Instead, they trapped his soul in Nick’s body. And Miss Wardwell, who everyone recognized as Lilith finally, allowed the original Miss Wardwell to come back to life as she returned to Hell to rule in Sabrina’s place.

And Season 3 of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ took the series to a whole new level.

With Zelda running the Academy of the Unseen Arts under Lilith as opposed to the Dark Lord, things were different for a while. But Sabrina’s attempts to save Nick and get her father’s soul out of his body and trapped elsewhere put a strain on her relationship with Nick as a whole. Meanwhile, Ambrose and Prudence traveled the world in search of Blackwood in an effort to kill him.

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Sabrina also battled for control of Hell against Caliban, a demon who wanted to rule Hell and change things in a pretty terrible way. He originally beat Sabrina in a series of challenges put forth to determine who would rule Hell. But in a twist, Sabrina traveled back in time and created a new timeline in which she trapped Caliban in stone and became the ruler herself, thereby saving her loved ones and changing the future. 

With two Sabrinas technically living in the same timeline, Sabrina made it possible to rule in Hell while also living up on the surface, thereby creating a paradox. At the end of Season 3, however Blackwood and his children released an unknown being into the world who will undoubtedly shake things up for both Sabrinas, come Season 4.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netflix.


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