What Was ‘A California Christmas’s Filming Location?


Chances are the answer to this question can be found from the title of the movie, but there have been times that has led us astray before. Thankfully, it does mirror the tile of the film and it was shot in California. More specifically, though, the movie’s shooting took place in a small scenic town just a bit north from San Francisco called Petaluma. 

According to Decider, the majority of the film was shot in Sonoma County, in a home which also happens to be the movie’s executive producer and star of the film, Ali Afshar’s childhood home. According to IMDb, there have been several movies and shows that have been shot in Petaluma, Calif., including 13 Reasons Why, Basic Instinct, Pleasantville, and American Graffiti, just to name a few. 

In addition to filming at the family ranch, the movie also shot several scenes in different places throughout the area. This includes the Hotel Petaluma, a historical building dating back to 1923. 

Throughout Petaluma, there are farms, very modern buildings, and Victorian-era architecture, allowing for the film to have eclectic backdrops for different scenes.


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