What will the Cleveland Indians change their name to?


But while the franchise has yet to announce what its new name will be, new betting odds suggest that the team might be looking to its past for its name of the future.

In betting odds released by BetOnline.ag on Tuesday, “Spiders” was listed as a 2-to-1 favorite of being the next name of Cleveland’s Major League team. From 1889-1899, the Cleveland Spiders played in the National League before contracting after posting the worst record in Major League Baseball history (20-134).

Other callbacks to Cleveland baseball history listed on the latest round of betting odds include the Naps (+1200) and Buckeyes (+2000). “Cleveland Baseball Team” is given the second-best odds at +400, despite the team’s owner, Paul Dolan, telling the Associated Press, that the team wouldn’t be opting for a generic placeholder.

The full list of betting odds for the Indians’ new name can be found below:


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