What will you take into 2021 with you, and what will you leave?


As 2020 draws to a close, we’re asking you to reflect on the good parts that will stick with you, and the parts you’d be happy to keep in the rear view mirror.

CLEVELAND — With just two days left in the year 2020, here at 3News we’re asking you, our viewers, to reflect on what great parts of the year will stick with you into 2021, and what you’ll be happy to never have to think about again.

When any chapter closes, it’s natural to leave a few things where the dust settles, but also bring some things forward with us, so we ask you now to share what those things are for you.

As you think about whether you’d like to take it or leave it, on either side of that choice, that could include anything from hard life lessons and habits that no longer serve you, to ways you’ve grown, new experiences you’ve had, people who have come into your life, and skills you’ve learned.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about the way you experienced 2020, what you want to bring into the new year, and what you want to say a swift goodbye to. 

You can share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook post sharing this story, replying to our tweet, or responding through our Instagram page.

You can also text us a response at (216) 344-3300, with words and possibly a photo, and if you’d like to send a video, you can do that using the Near Me feature in our WKYC app.

When you share your thoughts with us, we might use them on the air on What’s New, and on our digital platforms, including our social media pages and stories on WKYC.com.

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