WhatsApp Found to Be Testing Memoji-Like Avatars for Video Calls, Blur Tool on Desktop

WhatsApp is currently working on an ability to let users place their virtual avatars on video calls. There will be a new option within the video call screen that would allow users to immediately switch to an avatar when a future update drops, reports WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo. This would work as an alternative to how Memoji is available in the Apple ecosystem.

Users may be able to switch to their specific avatar at a particular point in time during WhatsApp video calls. Separately, WhatsApp for iOS is adding the option to let users silently leave a particular group — without notifying its members. WhatsApp is also testing a blur tool for desktop users.

WhatsApp is working on a new Memoji-Like Avatars for Video Calls

“If we try to tap “Switch to avatar”, nothing happens. This is because the feature is still under development. So, we cannot expect this option to be usable on video calls anytime soon,” the report noted.

According to a report by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned instant messaging app is testing a new option within the video call screen to let users switch to their avatar. Users may get the ability to set up their own avatar by using the Avatar Editor.

Once an avatar is set, it could be available as stickers to share within chats and groups, the report said. This sounds similar to how Memoji works on iPhone and iPad devices.

In addition, WhatsApp will also let users send avatars as stickers right within their chats and groups. One would be able to set up own avatar by launching the “Avatar Editor”, a proper section where one can customize the avatar. Unfortunately, the release date is unknown because the feature is under development.

However, exact details on when the avatar integration will be available on WhatsApp are yet to be revealed. The feature has not yet been available even to beta testers.

The messaging app may let its mobile users silently exit groups

In addition to the avatar for video calls, WhatsApp is testing the ability to let users silently exit their groups.

In a future WhatsApp Beta update, WhatsApp is also going to add a blur tool directly within the media editor. This feature is not yet ready to be release to beta users and is currently under development. A new option shall be included in the app. This will let us instantly blur out a part of the image without using any sort of third-party tools. WhatsApp is also planning to introduce the drawing tool on the desktop version as well.

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