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WhatsApp rolls out 3 new features: Here are all the details

Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp on Monday introduces a bunch of new features along with several updates to its existing features, including desktop photo editor, sticker suggestion, and link previews.

WhatsApp introduces one new feature for the web version of the app as well as the mobile version whereas two new features have been launched for the mobile app.

Now, users can edit their images on the web as well as the mobile before sending them. You can also get sticker suggestions and the link preview has gotten better on the app. WhatsApp also shares a glimpse of these features on Twitter.

Announcing the features, WhatsApp says in a statement,

“We know feeling comfortable expressing yourself is an important part of why people use WhatsApp to keep in contact with their friends and family. Whether that’s sending voice messages or photos and videos, sharing a Status post, or a link to something you’ve seen online.

Over the past few months, we’ve made a few changes to WhatsApp to answer some of your feature requests and to keep giving you the best experience.”

WhatsApp new Features

As already mentioned, WhatsApp added three new features:

Desktop photo editor

The first important feature is Desktop Photo Editor. This feature lets users edit images on their desktop app before sending them. Users can also add stickers to the pictures. Before this, you can only edit your pictures to the mobile version of the app. However, now WhatsApp web users can also use this feature

Link Previews

Users can now see the complete link preview. WhatsApp has changed the way how link previews appear on the app.  Users can now see the full preview when you send it and people receiving the link have much more context about what you have sent and what they are about to see or read.

Sticker suggestions

Now, WhatsApp will automatically suggest stickers according to your conversations. You can get the perfect sticker suggestion as you type. This feature will make it convenient to chat without disrupting the chat flow. Sometimes you waste a lot of time trying to look for the perfect sticker. WhatsApp’s contextual sticker will prompt sticker suggestions as you type, enabling you to find that right sticker at the right time to accurately express yourself.

The company claims that it built this feature with privacy in mind and that WhatsApp cannot see users’ searches and their personal messages remain protected by end-to-end encryption.

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