WhatsApp will start displaying legal name of users for every transaction made using WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp is notifying users that it will now display their legal name for every transaction they make on WhatsApp Payments. WhatsApp Pay is a UPI-based service. By legal name, WhatsApp means the same name as your bank account. As per the messaging app, this requirement is set by NPCI. It is design to mitigate fraud across the UPI payments system.

WhatsApp users have the choice to pick any name with a limit of 25 characters and use it on the app. Several users even use emojis as their names. That is because people sometimes use different names or nicknames on their UPI platforms. but with the latest change, WhatsApp aims to curtail fraudulent practices that take place on UPI platforms.

WhatsApp will now display the legal name of the user for every transaction

To inform users about the update, WhatsApp has started giving a notification in its app that carries a link to an FAQ page detailing the legal name requirement.

“When you use payments on WhatsApp, other UPI users will be able to view your legal name. This is the same name on your bank account,” the FAQ page reads.

The notification has been started rolling out to users on both Android and iOS since late March — following the guidelines issued by the NPCI. It appears in the Help section of WhatsApp as a new shortcut named About UPI payments and legal name that carries the link to the FAQ page.

“To prevent fraud, UPI guidelines stipulate that the recipient name will display to the sender in the course of the transaction,” According to a WhatsApp spokesperson “WhatsApp displays the recipient name on the UPI PIN screen in line with this compliance requirement and the practice of all UPI apps.”

Although other UPI-based payments apps do require precise user details. It includes their legal name at the time of signup. The same requirement needs by WhatsApp with a different view by some privacy advocates.

WhatsApp gets approval from NPCI to expand its WhatsApp Pay feature

The biggest advantage of this will be that when a user makes a payment through WhatsApp, he will be able to see the legal name of the UPI users to whom he is making the payment.

As far as the payment services are concerned, WhatsApp recently got approval from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to expand its WhatsApp Pay payments service to 40 million users in India. If you don’t know already, WhatsApp Pay is a payment feature available within the app. It is based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform.

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