When Is Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ Due Date? How They Announced the News


There’s good news to celebrate for the All Elite Wrestling family headed into 2021. Cody and Brandi Rhodes, who both wrestle in the league, announced that they’re expecting a baby together. The announcement came on this week’s AEW Dynamite and was a great way for the AEW crew to wrap up the year. The announcement also spawned plenty of congratulations from fans, as well as a few questions. 

Like, for example, when is the baby’s due date?

When is the baby’s due date?

Although Cody and Brandi did announce that the baby will be born next year, they didn’t offer a ton of additional detail on exactly when the baby was expected. Brandi doesn’t yet seem to be visibly pregnant, which would suggest that she’s still fairly early on in the pregnancy. The couple might provide more detail as we enter 2021, but for now, the actual due date is a mystery. 

Some details of the pregnancy may still be under wraps, but there were still plenty who were eager to offer their congratulations to the couple following the announcement. 

“Congratulations to Cody & Brandi Rhodes on the Announcement of their 1st Child!” one user wrote on Twitter. 

“Congratulations @TheBrandiRhodes and @CodyRhodes!!! Thank you so much for making the wonderful announcement tonight on #AEWDynamite that you’re expecting a new baby!” another added

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Regardless of the baby’s exact due date, though, it seems that Cody already has his sights set on a career outside the ring. Now that he and Brandi have announced the beginning of a family, Cody may be looking at ways that he can start spending less time in the ring so that he can spend more time with his family, and on his aspirations outside of wrestling. 

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