When Was ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know


When it comes to movies and TV shows, we have a fondness for the characters that shaped our earlier years, and these connections stay with us our whole lives. 

When was ‘We Can Be Heroes’ filmed?

With the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not as easy as it used to be to film a movie. Sure, “easy” isn’t the right word for how many moving parts it takes to film a movie or TV series, but before 2020 it was a lot easier to do without having to take massive safety precautions. 

Since We Can Be Heroes was released on Netflix early (it was originally slated to drop Jan. 1, 2021, but was released on Dec. 25, 2020, instead), people are curious about when the movie was filmed and how it all came together when many other movies are being pushed back or having to re-think their release plan. 

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Thankfully, the idea for We Can Be Heroes came before the coronavirus put a damper on the movie and television industry. And pre-production and production had already been underway before as well. 

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We Can Be Heroes started its filming in August 2019 in Texas, so it was already near post-production when the pandemic hit. It was far easier for the team to continue on a somewhat what was scheduled path since they only had to edit it, which didn’t require lots of people being together on set. It’s also probably part of the reason the movie was able to be released early. 

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The movie was mostly filmed on location in Texas.

Director of We Can Be Heroes Robert Rodriguez also created The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Spy Kids. Since both those films were filmed on location in Texas, it’s not a surprise that he went back there again for this Netflix movie. 

The movie was filmed in Austin, Texas, according to several behind-the-scenes photos of the production. While it looks like some parts of the Austin, Texas, scenery that made it into the film, most of it was not filmed out on location. 

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Checking out the social media photos of cast members and the crew on the movies, we can see a large production studio where the majority of this movie was filmed. 

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It makes total sense that We Can Be Heroes was filmed in a green screen studio given that so many of the scenes take place in a world that doesn’t really look like ours. It’s a similar world to that of the original The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and it’s what makes these movies so exciting. 

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The movie hit Netflix early, and the streaming platform made fans of the original film very happy. Early reviews of the movie and people chatting on social media were not only happy it was released early but they also loved the movie. 

We Can Be Heroes can be streamed on Netflix now.  


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