Where Are the ‘Adopt Me’ Snowmen Locations? Hidden in Plain Sight!


Roblox is known as a multi-player minigame haven for players of almost every skill level. Kitty and Piggy have offered players escape room type minigames, while Adopt Me has garnered success for its own unique objective. And it regularly hosts more than 1 million players at once. 

That’s an astonishing feat for any online game, much less one hosted within a larger scale game. Josh Ling, director of business development and growth at Adopt Me Studio, spoke to Vice about the game’s popularity.

“My assumption is that most [developers] think Roblox is for kids and so don’t bother playing it unless they have children in their lives, it’s an easy assumption to make,” he said. “Like many things made ‘for kids’ it’s not taken seriously by adults — even though games like Adopt Me have more players than many AAA tentpole online game releases.”

Gone are the days of raising your Tamagotchi or Nano Pet, because Adopt Me is apparently where it’s at.


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