Where Is James “Birdman” Finney From ‘Street Outlaws’ Now?


One of the Discovery Channel’s most popular offerings to date is Street Outlaws, which covers the world of street racing in Oklahoma City, Okla. The series is unrivaled for those viewers who love cars, high speed races, suspense, and competition, and it’s no wonder that it’s been on the air for 16 seasons. 

While there have been numerous Street Outlaws spin-offs, nothing has topped the original, and that’s thanks largely to the cast. 

James “Birdman” Finney is one of the most respected racers featured on the show, and he’s been in the business for more than two decades. He’s known as one of the fiercest no prep racers, and the Houston native has no problem sending other competitors home.

Where is Birdman from Street Outlaws now? The car expert was involved in a serious accident in the summer of 2020.  

Where is Birdman from ‘Street Outlaws’ now?

Since he first appeared on the Discovery docuseries, Birdman has been through some tough obstacles. In the July of 2020, Birdman sustained several serious injuries in a car accident in Wyoming. He was transported to a hospital afterwards. Mike Murillo, who is part of Birdman’s Texas-based crew, shared updates about Birdman’s condition. 

Initially, Mike shared that Birdman was “alert,” but that he had “lots of injuries.” He did not specify where they were. While many Street Outlaws fans were waiting for updates, Birdman soon posted about the ordeal on his Facebook page. 

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“I ain’t gonna lie … that s–t hurt! Broken hand, labral tear in shoulder, small tear in aorta, collapsed lung, torn cartilage in rib cage. I’ve fought some big mfers in my life but I ain’t ever had an a– whippin’ like this,” he wrote. “Tighter seat belts and I probably would have walked away with just a broken hand … torn seat belt.”

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He confirmed that the car was completely totaled, and that there was nothing he could do to fix it. 

“Car is not repairable,” he added. “Thanks for all the offers to set up a GoFundMe account but, no, we ain’t doing that. If y’all wanna help, buy some apparel!!!”

Birdman also shared several photos of the demolished vehicle, which further showed how lucky he was to not be critically injured from the accident. 

Since then, Birdman has returned to racing and he filmed more episodes of Street Outlaws in the fall of 2020. He also posted on Facebook about planning to do “a LOT of racing in 2021.” 

It looks like nothing will keep Birdman from racing!


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