Which TikTok Tap Dancer Is the Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’?


When it came time for the celeb panelists to give their guesses, Ashley Tisdale zeroed in on the TikTok sign the Tulip flashed at the end of her performance. 

“I just feel like, you know, the sassiness, the TikTok, I would say you are Charli D’Amelio,” Ashley said. “Charli was part of an anti-bullying campaign. She’s the biggest one on TikTok. She’s a dancer, so she knows tap.”

Paula Abdul, on the other hand, focused on the Tulip’s heels. 

“It’s someone who’s been bullied, and I saw three heel clicks. … I know someone who has a connection to this. Ariana Grande is being considered to be the lead in [the film version of] Wicked.” (Paula also thought that the Tulip’s one-word clue without voice modulation — the word “triple” — meant that the mystery celeb is a triple threat.)

But Ken Jeong took his cue from the glee club photo in the yearbook. 

“Looking at the clue package, they had the glee club, and I famously recurred on Glee for an amazing two-episode arc. I was playing the father to Heather Morris. She can tap. What if this is my TV daughter Heather Morris? Look at the way she’s shrugging — that’s a qualified ‘yes’ to me!”


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