Who Is Anya Taylor-Joy Dating? Is She Single, or Is She Taken?


In May 2020, The Queen’s Gambit actress Anya Taylor-Joy was spotted with Ben Seed (aka Pip). Dressed casually, the duo looked like as though they were just stepping out for a leisurely walk in London, which sparked extensive dating rumors. 

However, Anya hasn’t been seen with the talented photographer, who created portraits of stars like Rose McGowan, Sarah Proctor, and Ian McKellen, since. So, is she still dating Ben, or is there somebody new in the picture? 

So, who is Anya Taylor-Joy dating?

Unfortunately for fans, Anya barely ever shares snaps with romantic others on social media.

The actress gained a great deal of traction as of late thanks to her roles in The New Mutants, Here Are the Young Men, and Emma. Regardless, she managed to avoid the paparazzi and keep the latest developments taking place in her private life tightly under wraps. 

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Although Anya modeled for Ben several times, it’s uncertain if they are still dating. Likewise, there’s not much information available on whether she has met anybody new in the past few months. 

Notorious for her insistence on privacy, Anya managed to keep details a secret throughout her past relationships as well. Take a rumored affair with model-turned-actor Eoin Macken — which some of her followers claim resulted in an engagement. 

In October 2017, Anya showed up to the 61st BFI London Film Festival wearing a sizeable ring on her left ring finger, which immediately triggered extensive speculation.

According to Elite Daily, the star continued to don the dazzling piece of jewelry for a few months. However, when she attended the 2018 Met Gala — held on May 7, 2018 — the sparkler was notoriously absent from her left ring finger. Reportedly, she hasn’t worn the ring since then. 

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At the time, some ventured so far as to claim that the sudden disappearance of the ring may have signaled that things were over between Anya and Eoin. However, the stars refrained from addressing either the engagement or the breakup rumors. 

However, it’s perhaps not too far-fetched to hypothesize that they parted ways on relatively amicable terms, as Anya played the lead role in the 2020 Here Are the Young Men, a feature film written and directed by Eoin. 

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In the past, Anya was rumored to be dating Devon Terrell, her co-star in the 2016 drama about Barack Obama’s experiences as a university student, titled Barry. 

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