Who Is Martin Shkreli’s Girlfriend? She Has Been Open About Them


Smythe was once a reporter for Bloomberg on all things involving standard white collar crimes. And when Shkreli’s own crime involving fraud became part of her work, she threw herself into reporting on it and learning more about him. So much so that she eventually left her husband, whom she had been married to for some time before she even knew who Shkreli was, and her cushy job.

The romance sent Smythe’s world into a tailspin. But, she told Elle, she has no regrets about the way her life changed during her friendship and subsequent romance with Shkreli.

“It’s hard to think of a time when I felt happier,” Smythe told the outlet. “At first he’s like, ‘Can I call you my girlfriend?'” She added, of her relationship with Shkreli progressing while he was behind bars.

“This led very naturally into thinking about a future together,” Smythe revealed.

They even talked about names for their future potential children and he convinced Smythe to freeze her eggs. Despite her full career and what she had previously deemed a perfect life in Brooklyn, Smythe gave it all up to start her life with Shkreli.


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