Who Is ‘The Daily Show’ Host Dating?


Trevor’s first major relationship was back in his native South Africa, with a physiotherapist named Dani Gabriel. The couple started dating back in 2014, and Dani spent time traveling with Trevor as he honed his comedy skills, doing standup and working part-time on The Daily Show as a foreign correspondent.

Unfortunately, when Trevor was tapped to succeed Jon Stewart as the new host of the program, Dani didn’t want to uproot her professional career and personal life, so the two decided to split in 2015.

Shortly after moving to America, Trevor started dating real estate agent, model, and singer Jordyn Taylor. They were together for nearly four years when they started growing apart.

As of August 2020, Trevor has been linked to Minka. You may know the actress from her three-season stint on the hit sports drama series Friday Night Lights. She also starred in the short-lived Charlie’s Angels reboot in 2007 and was on the sci-fi drama Almost Human. Currently, Minka stars as Dawn Granger, aka “Dove,” in the DC universe show Titans.


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