Who Is the Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’? Here Are the Clues So Far


Tonight, the new Masked Singer spin-off premieres, and it’s already generating tons of buzz (and plenty of theories). The Masked Dancer has the same premise of its predecessor, except this time, the masked celebrities will be dancing until we guess who they are. Hosted by Craig Robinson, with Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Ashley Tisdale, and former Giraffe mask, Brian Austin Greene, The Masked Dancer already sounds like it’s going to be a wild ride (and something that will tide us over until the new season of The Masked Singer comes back next year). 

And because what makes the Masked shows fun is guessing which celebs are in the costumes, we’re already obsessing over who’s in that Tulip getup. People already have their guesses, which range from Britney Spears (she does love flowers!) to Maddie Ziegler. Here’s all the information on Tulip we have so far.

The guesses around the Tulip on ‘The Masked Dancer’:

So far, the most common guess about Tulip is Maddie Ziegler, or her sister, Kenzie. While Maddie is more well-known and has those big blue eyes, Kenzie is also a dancer and has allegedly made a comment about how she wished she had Maddie’s blue eyes. Another Redditor is going with the TikTok clue, writing, “I thinks it’s Addison Rae. There [were] a lot of TikTok references in the previews and her blue eyes looks like her moms eyes, Sheri.”

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It sounds like we’ll be learning more about all the masked dancers (Tulip, Sloth, Moth, Ice Cube, Hammerhead, Exotic Bird, Disco Ball, Cricket, Cotton Candy, and Zebra) as The Masked Dancer has one special twist: the masked celebs can actually say one word in their real voice, which will give us and the judges major clues about who they are. The one word they say will also give us a hint about their identity. For example, in the trailer, The Moth says the word “inspired” in her real voice, which leads to Ken believing he knows who that voice belongs to.

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According to teasers and trailers, it seems like The Masked Dancer will be a special, limited series, so while we’d suggest not  to expect more seasons, we also have a feeling that if enough people tune in, The Masked Dancer may just get more. Judging by all the promo (did you see the Moth fall off her hoop?) it looks like show will be absolute insanity, and we are totally here for it. 

Tune in tonight at 5 p.m. EST on FOX to watch the premiere.


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