Who Plays Luke Skywalker on ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale?


As fans of the show might recall, Grogu spent a good chunk of the season’s sixth episode meditating on a rock. The meditation was designed to reach out to other Jedi through the force, so most avid fans expected that a Jedi would show up to help Grogu at some point. 

In the finale, Din Djarin and his team of rogues attempt to rescue Grogu from Moff Gideon, but the mission doesn’t go exactly as planned. 

Instead, the team finds themselves pinned down on the bridge of Moff Gideon’s ship, and they’re surrounded by a platoon of Dark Troopers that are much harder to beat than a normal Stormtrooper. The situation seems completely dire until we see an X-Wing show up to save the day. A hooded figure dressed in black steps out of the ship and quickly dispatches with the Dark Troopers. Then, he’s revealed to be none other than Luke Skywalker. 


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