Why Did @TikTokRoom Go Private on Instagram?


Though TikTok has cemented its place in the social media landscape, there are still only a few spots to get the latest gossip regarding creators, membership at the collective houses, and breakups.

The Instagram account @TikTokRoom has become the go-to spot for fans looking to dissect the hidden messages left by influencers in videos, in the comments section, and on other social media platforms. 

Many TikTok stars even comment on the account’s posts, and it has given the public a ton of inside scoop on their lives outside of their short videos. 

The profile itself claims to be the “First Ever TikTok Shade Room,” and it has, unsurprisingly, gotten two million accounts to follow it.

While @TikTokRoom usually sets the tone for sharing information about top TikTok stars, the actual account was started getting even more attention after it went private. 

Why did @TikTokRoom go private? 

Why did @TikTokRoom go private?

Since the pandemic began, gossip and “tea” accounts have gained a significant amount of followers, and they’ve received widespread coverage. While many are dedicated to celebrities or reality stars, @TikTokRoom gained a reputation for being the top TikTok shade account. 

That’s why many users were surprised to notice that the account went private.

Though some initially suspected that the change in privacy was temporary, the account has yet to return to being public. 

The people behind @TikTokRoom (who have yet to reveal their identities) have not publicly shared why the account went private. It may have been to encourage users to follow the account, instead of just to look at stories or posts without committing.  

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It also could have been done to filter through the accounts that get to see the content featured on the Instagram feed. @TikTokRoom has been criticized by influencers in the past, though the account only features posts that were made public or content that was sent in.

Another potential reason for the recent switch to private could be that the platform has expanded, and more followers mean better business opportunities. The feed has been seemingly posting about selling advertisements recently. 

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According to several Twitter users, the recent change from public to private isn’t the first time that the account has limited its exposure online. A few people tweeted about @TikTokRoom being private back in September of 2020, but the profile was changed back to public again after.

Therefore, the feed could soon become public again.


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