Why Is Tyler Oakley Leaving YouTube? Will He Be Back at Some Point?


One thing that made 2020 particularly tricky for Tyler is that some people thought he should be “canceled” for being a landlord (the thinking being that people who own property and rent it out to others are immorally profiting off of people’s need for shelter). In September, Tyler addressed the controversy in a video entitled “Answering Questions I’ve Always Avoided.”

“I moved out of my old place that was in my first home, and when I moved out of it, I was like, ‘Should I sell it? Should I rent it? What should I do?’ I had always grown up renting houses, my parents were always, like, moving house to house, so I always had landlords, didn’t really think about it,” he said. “So I rented that place out — I had a management company rent out just that one unit — and didn’t think anything about it.”

“And then this year, I feel like I learned a lot about housing and the housing crisis in America, and renting and landlords, and the implications of being a landlord, and the moral dilemma of choosing to be a landlord. And the more I learned about all of that, the more I realized that, oh, that’s an entire system that is problematic and parasitic and not helpful toward the direction that I would like America to go. So I took what I learned and … decided to no longer be a landlord.”


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