Why Was JayDaYoungan in Jail? The Rapper Has A Slew of Charges


Today, it was reported that rapper JayDaYoungan (Javorius Scott) was released from prison. Six hours ago he tweeted “WHO READY FOR #23ISBACK” with a photo of himself in his prison cell. Several minutes after that was posted, hip hop news account Daily Loud tweeted a video of the rapper freshly released from prison and about to get in the car. It had been radio silence from JayDaYoungan since mid-October and fans are excited that the rapper is back and hopefully releasing new music soon.

Why was JayDaYoungan in jail?

JayDaYoungan was reportedly arrested for attacking a woman with whom he allegedly lived. On October 16, JayDaYoungan struck a woman in East Cobb, Georgia, and records know that he punched, pushed, and grabbed her, leaving “visible marks and scars” on her body. While this was considered a misdemeanor, he was held in jail without bail due to a previous arrest in February, which happened in Texas. In February, JayDaYoungan was charged for being violent toward a pregnant woman and drug-possession. 

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In April, he was charged with “marijuana possession with intent to distribute, narcotics possession and tampering with evidence,” After striking the pregnant woman, JayDaYoungan fled and hid in an attic, where he was eventually found. Apparently authorities seized $24,000 in cash, plus weapons.

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“UPDATE: @Pct4Constable confirms deputies seized 24,000 dollars in cash from the home where they found Scott hiding. Deputies say they also found Oxycodone, Promethazine and Marijuana, the drugs along with several firearms were also seized,” a breaking news reporter in Texas tweeted.

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“#BREAKINGJavorius Scott AKA @JayDaYoungan arrested on family domestic abuse warrant in North Harris County this afternoon by @Pct4Constable. He’s accused of hitting a pregnant woman. I’m told he was found hiding in an attic. Sources tell me cash was also seized from the home,” the same account tweeted.

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Back in October, according to East Cobb News, the Louisiana native was arrested in Georgia also due to marijuana and narcotics possession with the intent on selling it, plus apparently tampering with evidence. There were also weapons found in the Airbnb home in which he was staying. According to the outlet, the rapper was in the Atlanta area shooting a music video and looking into property to purchase in Marietta. 

Aside from his arrest warrant which does state he was violent toward the victim, we don’t know what else happened or why JayDaYoungan was released today.

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After doing some digging, it looks like the pregnant woman JayDaYoungan reportedly hit was Jordan Brooks, the mother of his child (who has his own Instagram page), who was also arrested for drug possession. It doesn’t seem like she’s the woman JayDaYoungan recently assaulted, since in October, after JayDaYoungan’s arrest, she posted several photos of the two of them, writing “since been. I’m missing you so much! forever23. we have years into this.”

It’s still yet to be released who the rapper assaulted back in October. 


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