Widow shares powerful message after husband dies of COVID-19 complications


Anne Darling-Cyphert was married to her husband, David Lee Cyphert, for more than three decades. This past week, she lost him to complications of COVID-19.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Anne Darling-Cyphert says her late husband put the “gentle” in the word gentleman.

She describes David Lee Cyphert, her husband of more than 32 years, as kind and giving.

And now, while mourning, she is sharing a message to help save others from the same fate as her husband.

“Don’t let your family go through what my family went through and is going through,” she said. “For goodness’ sake, give these health care workers a break.”

Last month, Dave Cyphert contracted COVID-19.

“You have to understand,” his widow told 10TV. “Dave was not reckless in his behavior. We truly believe that Dave caught COVID in a situation that required his immediate attention to help someone else. And that was the kind of person Dave was. Always helping people.”

The late Cyphert spent time isolating in a bedroom, being monitored via video, to protect the rest of his family.

Early Thanksgiving morning, his wife said she noticed his breathing was labored. He ended up in the hospital, where he spent several weeks.

“A condition that’s very common with COVID set in to his lungs, and his lungs became like concrete, and the wonderful, wonderful health care workers were so kind and gentle with my family, and their own teary eyes told us it was hopeless,” Darling-Cyphert said.

Eventually, Cyphert was moved into a non-COVID ICU unit, where his wife could spend time with him in his final moments.

“I held Dave’s hand, and I said, ‘My love, God brought you as a gift to me for three and a half decades, and if it be God’s will, I will be OK and I will meet you someday on the other side,’” she told him. “‘I’m proud of you. I’m proud of the husband, the father, the brother, the brother-in-law, the son-in-law, the son. I’m proud for everything you stood for.’”

Cyphert died on Thursday, leaving behind his wife, three children, two grandchildren and a third on the way.

It will be the couple’s first grandson. And he will be named Tyler David Do, taking his grandfather’s name as his middle name.

“It’s hard knowing that Tyler won’t necessarily be in the arms of Dave, but Tyler will have his own guardian angel, and that’s his grandpa Dave,” Darling-Cyphert said.

Darling-Cyphert, a former traffic reporter at 10TV, said she wants to share her story now to perhaps save someone’s life, especially as Christmas week looms, when many may choose to ignore the advice against spending time with extended family members.

“You should have seen what those health care workers were doing to try to save my husband’s life. And I’ll never forget when we found out it was going to be hopeless,” she said. “And I stepped outside of his cubicle to compose myself. And it was during the middle of a shift change. And I walked back into his room in the ICU, and there was a nurse that had already clocked out sitting there, crying. If you want to choose to take the risk, you’re putting healthcare workers in jeopardy, and they’re exhausted. They’re exhausted.”


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