Wondering Where to Stream ‘Promising Young Woman’? We Have Bad News


We’ve been waiting for the dark comedy Promising Young Woman for a while now. The film was meant to be released in theaters April 17, but thanks to COVID, it was shelved, and Focus Features kept quiet about a potential new release date — until recently. Trailers for Promising Young Woman have probably filled your Instagram feed which give us a new December 25 movie premiere date, but no information as to where we can stream the movie online. Obviously, this is confusing, since much of the U.S. is back in quarantine due to a recent holiday-related surge in COVID cases.

The movie, which stars Carey Mulligan who plays Cassie, a woman who decides to take matters in her own hands after being proven time and time again that our society is too quick to disbelieve victims of sexual assault. She makes it her mission to catch men in the act of taking advantage of her while she’s “drunk” (she’s not drunk) and getting justice once and for all. It’s the kind of movie that is, quite honestly, long overdue, and it’s a shame it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere but theaters this Christmas.

Where to stream ‘Promising Young Woman’:

As of now, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that you can stream Promising Young Woman anywhere, which is perplexing, since many movie theaters across the country are closed down. No sources have confirmed whether Promising Young Woman has been scooped up by Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, or even HBO Max, which makes us wonder if we’ll have to wait the full cycle before it’s released on platforms like Amazon or Apple to be rented. We do know that it has a streaming deal for release 17 days days in theater, it’s just unclear where to watch it.

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A lot of people would happily stream it (and probably rent it at an extra price) if Promising Young Woman were available. We’ve been waiting so long, after all.

“Promising Young Woman is finally coming out ima need it the second it’s streaming,” one person tweeted.

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“I hope Promising Young Woman is gonna be streaming bc I really wanted to see it,” another tweeted.

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“so angry that I can’t watch promising young woman on streaming anywhere who tf is going to movie theaters right now?????” someone rightfully tweeted. We hear ya.

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Once we can watch Promising Young Woman, expect a fun but also dark film that’s complex in all the right ways. “I’d been thinking a lot at the time about the way that rage and anger manifests itself, particularly in women when we don’t traditionally, in spite of what most revenge movies tell us, resort to violence. It was looking at the different ways in which women act on those feelings, if they do. … And it was pretty hot on the heels of it becoming a much bigger, more global conversation,” Filmmaker Emerald Fennell tells IndieWire.

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Source: Focus Features

Hey, streaming platforms! If you’re reading this, please license Promising Young Woman ASAP so we can watch it! 


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