WWDC 2021: Apple just added new enhanced features to iCloud Plus bundle

Last evening at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021 keynote Apple announced some upgrades to the iCloud.  Apple is bracing up iCloud with lots of new enhanced features and give it a new name- iCloud+.

Great announcement for Apple’s iCloud service users. This iCloud+ comes with access to a VPN, burner email addresses, and unlimited storage for HomeKit-enabled home security cameras.

VPN Service

VPN service in iCloud+ provides a Private Relay. This means that it will hide all your details (which includes who is browsing and where the data is coming from) and route your internet traffic through two relays.

Now, Apple is strictly calling this a VPN at all, they are trying to distinguish Private Relay from traditional VPNs. Apple explained that even we are not able to see all your browsing data.

Unlimited Storage

Apple iCloud+ also includes unlimited storage for video from HomeKit-enabled home security cameras. Right now, the users require to pay for at least  200GB of iCloud storage to be able to record video for one camera.

Burner Email Addresses

Next, a new feature that is added to iClod+ is the burner email feature. This feature has given the name- Hide My Email. Create a single email address and this email address will automatically send your emails to your actual account.

Every service including apps requires an email address to sign in. These apps are not trustworthy and send junk and promotional emails all the time which is annoying.

This feature lets you provide junk email to whom you don’t want junk mail from. This feature is an addition to the Sign In With Apple feature that already exists.

New Recovery Feature

Additionally, Apple has introduced a new recovery feature that will help you to access your iCloud if you lost your device. For this, Apple will message security codes to your trusted friends and family.

It is supposed that Apple will include all these new features with the existing iCloud plans at no extra cost. Apple has not made any clarification on if the feature would be available on its cheapest iCloud plans that currently do not support HomeKit video storage.

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