Yankees’ prized prospect Jasson Dominguez looks strong as ever


If baseball doesn’t work out for Jasson Dominguez, perhaps the Yankees’ most prized prospect can give football a shot.

The 17-year-old center fielder, whom the Yankees handed a team-record $5 million signing bonus in 2019, looked more like a hulking NFL running back than a baseball player while taking swings in a video shared Monday to Twitter by baseball journalist Hector Gomez.

“He’s a rare breed,” his agent Gio Rodriguez said in a recent interview with Forbes. “When he walks into a room, he’s not your prototypical 6-foot-4 ballplayer. He doesn’t look like [6-foot-7] Aaron Judge or [6-foot-6] Giancarlo Stanton. He was a shorter kid who already had a thicker build and just got after it and decided to really build up his body, working on his explosiveness, his core, his legs, his upper body. From an early age, he identified that he needed to bring something else to the table.”

Dominguez is listed at 5-foot-10, 190 pounds and seen as the full package, having shown power from both sides of the plate, as well as speed and arm strength.

He has been dubbed El Marciano — “The Martian” — due to his physical makeup and otherworldly baseball abilities that have earned him comparisons to Micky Mantle and Angels superstar Mike Trout.

The Yankees thought so much of Dominguez two summers ago that they spent a majority of their $5.4 million in international pool money on him, surpassing the $3.9 million signing bonus they gave Gary Sanchez in 2009.

“We signed him and paid him what we did for a reason: He warranted it,’’ Donny Rowland, the Yankees director of international scouting, said at the time. “His skill set left us no choice. Somebody would have given him more.”

For all the hype around Dominguez, however, he likely will need at least two more years before making it to the big leagues.


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