Andrew Cuomo keeps sowing new COVID confusion

COVID confusion reigns in New York, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo changes the rules on travel while breaking his promise to revisit city indoor-dining capacity by Nov. 1. The 14-day isolation… Read more

No matter who wins the elections, New York is still in big trouble

After months of waiting for a federal coronavirus stimulus bailout that never materialized, Gov. Cuomo has staked the future stability of New York’s public finances on the outcome of this… Read more

de Blasio’s Midtown flipoff doesn’t mean it’s not vital to NYC’s economy

We’ve gotten used to strange, but Midtown this weekend was full of strange sights. Saks was putting up Christmas decorations and boarding up windows for potential election rioting at the… Read more

White House trying to ‘rape’ system with COVID-19 vaccine plan

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Sunday accused the Trump administration of trying to “rape the system once again’’ with a COVID-19 vaccine-distribution plan that she claimed discriminates against… Read more

John Mulaney riffs on Cuomo’s daily COVID-19 briefings in SNL monologue

While you bozos passed quarantine time with “Tiger King” and “The Last Dance,” John Mulaney was glued to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily COVID-19 briefings. “I watched a series that I… Read more

De Blasio, Cuomo & Co. couldn’t be bothered to prevent early-voting mess

Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo’s fury over the hours-long early-voting lines would be totally righteous — except that these problems were entirely foreseeable, yet neither man, nor any other… Read more

All NY car passengers required to wear seat belts in new law

Buckle up! Under a new law starting Sunday, all car passengers in New York state must wear seat belts — even adults in the back seat. The law makes New… Read more

Gov. Cuomo says all travelers must get tested for COVID-19

New York has eliminated its quarantine travel advisory list, replacing it with a strict new blanket testing policy, Gov. Cuomo announced Saturday. Travelers from nearly every state in the union… Read more

Gov. Andrew Cuomo responds to Chelsea Handler’s crush on him

Chelsea Handler — along with several other women — has developed a bit of a crush on New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo, hilariously detailing her desires to get to… Read more

Cuomo waiting until after 2020 election to take budget action: report

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing off tough financial decisions until after the 2020 election — and has not released blueprints for a plan B in the event federal funding doesn’t… Read more